Small Business focus: DesignerCon 2017

Small Business focus: DesignerCon 2017

DesignerCon was another year of fantastic creators and vendors. Out of the 150+ artists, it was an overwhelming visual experience. 

Every single artist at DesignerCon is an independant artist working hard at producing and showcasing their handwork. For this holiday weekend and supporting small business, here is list of just a tiny fraction of local creators to support.

Love April Moon

Love April Moon (

Style: cute,  pastel goth, Sailor Moon-centric

Items: custom decoden cell phone cases, key chains, enamel pins, and more


Cythiatiz (

Style: Cute pop culture characters as cute kitties

Items: enamel pins, stickers, notecards

Special: Proceeds from the Christmas pins (as featured in the image) will be donated to St Jude's Children's Hospital and Meow Co (to save abandoned cats & kittens from euthanasia, and find them a loving home)


Dirty Lola

Dirty Lola (

Style: Digital paintings, illustrations, gouache paintings of characters in Saint like creations

Items: prints, collectible paints and more


Monsterologist (

content: monsters, creatures, and cryptids

items: biker style patches, t-shirts, enamel pins, and more

Rizzo Michelle

The Art of Michelle Rizzo (

Style/content: cute, kawaii pocket creatures with a nerdy flair

items:prints, plush, tote bags, and more

Yoshi  Yoshitani

Yoshi Yoshitani (

Style/Content: digital art of unique designs inspired by cultures, histories, mythologies and patterns from around the world.

items: prints, enamel pins, more


Aaron Spurgeon Ilustration

Aaron Spurgeon Illustration (

Style/content: styled illustration of city landmarks and cityscapes

items: prints

The Crafty Teddy

The Crafty Teddy (

Style:  small fantasy creatures in polymer clay and resign

items: sculptures


Mokuyobi (

Style/content: 80's/90's aesthetic, full of bright colors and bold designs

items: apparel

Power Rangers Megazord and DragonZord!

Power Rangers Megazord and DragonZord!

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