On behalf of Fangirl Nation, Squeedar attended a special talk at Creatures Features (Burbank, CA) with the minds behind the special effects of creating Pennywise for both It (1990 ) and It (2017).

Featuring: Tom Woodruff Jr

Alec Gillis Bart Mixon L

inks for referenced from the video:

Host: Creature Features : https://creaturefeatures.com/

ADI (a.k.a Amalgamated Dynamics Inc):http://www.studioadi.com/

Stan Winston school for Special Effects and makeup: https://www.stanwinstonschool.com/

Andy Muschietti (Director of It) instagram: @andy_muschietti

DesignerCon 2017: Creator Interviews

DesignerCon 2017: Creator Interviews

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